MOIC World


What is MOIC Student Clubs Project?    

MOIC Student Clubs Project is an international and volunteer-based project that aims to gather Muslim youth around the world and create programs that prepare, polish and improve the academic and social development aspect of the youth supported by ICYF.

This project has two main objectives:

  • First, Model OIC, which is an academic simulation of the OIC that aims at educating participants about current trends in theory and practice of International relations, effective communication and multilateral diplomacy.
  • Secondly, a self-developing program that focuses on academic and social issues by establishing an extensive network of Muslim students all around the world.

What Are We Offering to The Participant of This Project?       

  1. The representatives meeting. The representatives meeting is a monthly meeting that gathers presidents and members of the MOIC Clubs all at the same place or platform.
  2. Educational reading materials on specific topics. Reading materials will be provided by ICYF, and participants are expected to have a discussion afterwards based on the topic provided. Reading materials typically emphasize related subjects such as international relations, global politics and diplomacy.
  3. Certificate programs. Certificate programs such as conflict resolution training, e-diplomacy academy and MOIC training programs will be conducted through the online Learning Management System (LMS).
  4. A reward system. Reward in the form of monthly readings will be provided for presidents and members of MOIC Clubs.
  5. Participation in ICYF or OIC programs. Participants will be able to participate in other ICYF or Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC)’s programs in their countries.
  6. Free. All MOIC Student Clubs Projects’ materials and certificate programs are free of charge.

What Are Our Expectations?

Students can take part in the MOIC Student Clubs project as a:

  • University representative,
    • To establish a Model of OIC student clubs or a student community with at least five members in their universities and responsible for organizing and managing every MOIC club events in their universities.
    • Responsible to participate in reading and discussion events that should be regularly conducted with their team through an online Learning Management System (LMS).

All of our programs and reading materials will be conducted and provided in English, hence participants are expected to have good proficiency in the English language.

How Does It Work?

 Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are in the midst of preparing the platform to conduct all of our activities online.

  • Once ready, all reading materials, certificate programs and more will be offered via the Learning Management System.
  • With all the materials and platform provided, the MOIC club representatives will be able to fulfill their own projects or activities in their universities, under the supervision of the MOIC general coordinator.