Model OIC

Model OIC, which is among the fourteen youth actions adopted by the 3rd Session of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Minister (5-7 October 2016, Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye) mandated ICYF to implement approved projects in the Member States of the OIC. Aiming to enhance the intellectual capacities of the young generation, to raise awareness, and promote the OIC as a leading international institution throughout the young community, the OIC is creating global networking opportunities where Muslim youth gathers and participates in events that are designed to improve their the academic, diplomatic, and social skills.

Model OIC Student Clubs Project is an international volunteer-based long-term ICYF project that creates student clubs’ networks worldwide to achieve the aims and enhance the objectives mentioned below.

What We Aim?

We aim to build a fairer world by organizing the youth within the framework of diplomacy and communication.

Our Motivation

We want to work for a sustainable world by shaping the potential future of youth through diplomacy.

What We Offer?

We offer the opportunity to be united for a fairer world.

Objectives of MOIC

  1. Serve as a youthful and interactive platform for exchanging ideas on an understanding of the main political, cultural, and social phenomena of OIC Geography and beyond by initiating dialogues, discussions, and debates.
  2. Raise the popularity of OIC amongst the youth of OIC geography.
  3. Help Muslim youth increase their confidence and leadership skills.