MOIC Simulation Step by Step



Before coming to a Model OIC summit, there are certain things that the delegates are encouraged to do. Firstly, all delegates should be aware of the application process and should make sure that their application has been approved by the board. Important dates, country and committee allocations, position papers, study guides, and all other related information regarding the summit are very important as well. To make sure that participants have a total understanding of such matters before starting to prepare for the summit they should carefully read the instructions of the program. Read More



After you have completed your Model OIC journey in a couple of days if you meet the criteria, you will receive your participation certificates. But never forget that the diplomatic knowledge, leadership skills, long-lasting friendships, and quality network, hence the life-changing experience you will get in the Model OIC summit are more important than the certificates.

The secretariat will write a declaration in light of the discussion held during the sessions and the resolutions adopted. Finally, this declaration and the resolutions will be sent to the OIC General Secretariat to make sure the voice of the youth is taken into consideration by the professionals.

For local Model OIC Summits, the adopted resolutions shall be sent to ICYF MOIC Coordinatorship and after their approval, the resolutions can be sent to the OIC General Secretariat.



The requirements of a certificate of participation are:

Attend all the sessions unless authorized to be excused by the executive board due to personal or health issues.

To maintain the diplomatic attitude and procedural attire as mentioned above and not receive more than 1 official warning.


The most active delegates during the sessions are awarded in the closing ceremony either as the best delegate or outstanding delegate. In the summits with Islamic Summit Sessions delegations can also be awarded. The criteria for awarding are oratory skills, leadership in the committee, substantial and procedural capabilities, following the foreign policy of its state, and position paper. The committee board shall select the awardees with the approval of the secretariat.


If you are keen on continuing to debate, learn, improve your language and leadership skills, and making more friends, we have a great solution for you. You can establish a Model OIC Club and become the MOIC University Representative of your own university and actively participate and organize Model OIC events.

MOIC Clubs are academic simulations of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that aims to educate participants about current trends in the theory and practice of international relations, effective communication, and multilateral diplomacy. As such, being your university’s MOIC representative you will help in developing the already strong network between the Universities and Youth Organizations of the OIC Member and Observer States.

MOIC university representative’s main role is ensuring the participation of team members in MOIC events organized by the ICYF MOIC Team and keeping the well-functioning of the MOIC club by setting local meetings and events in the university that the club is affiliated with. A new MOIC University Representative forms his/her team consisting of at least three (3) people. These people are called team members within the structure of the MOIC Student Clubs Project.