MOIC International Summit


The Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation is an ICYF initiative, and it aims at creating a student club network. Under this platform, students will go through an active learning process where selected students will also participate in the organizational parts of the MOIC Project by establishing a MOIC Club in the universities they are affiliated with.
The organizational phase of the project is still ongoing, and periodically, MOIC Summits are organized by the MOIC department.

After the evaluation process, a mutual training session will be held with the participation of the four regions of OIC. In the training session, there will be academic panels on topics to be discussed in the committees alongside the MOIC Rules and Procedure Training. After the training, participants will be given one week to better prepare for the program.

The Regional Model OIC Summits will be held on 5-6 October 2021 (International and Africa Region) and 7-8 October 2021 (Asia and Arab Region) in Zoom.

Selected delegates of the aforementioned regions will be invited to the International MOIC Summit in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on 3-7 November 2021.


Objectives And Goals

Main objective of the international Model OIC summits is to create an entertaining, youthful and interactive platform for all MOIC network and enhance the cheerful environment for the future of Model OIC. Also, following the event would increase the capacity and knowledge of all the club representatives and members about the international diplomacy and negotiation.  

The program aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Constructing partnerships, renew impetus, and deepen commitment to youth diversity, including establishing knowledge networks for sharing information and best practices. 
  2. To serve as a platform for exchanging ideas on understanding of the main political, cultural and social phenomena of OIC Geography and beyond.
  3. To initiate dialogues, discussions, debates, exchanges, and possible co-operations among all stakeholders. 
  4. To increase the coordination between Model OIC Club Network at the International and National segments. 
  5. To encourage new members for MOIC Student Clubs Project.



The participants must be between 18-35 years old.

The participants must be enrolled as a student in a bachelor’s or master’s program.

ICYF stuff or their first-degree relatives cannot apply to the competition.

To be selected as the best delegates of the Virtual Regional Model OIC part of the event.



At the end of each summit, the committee board members will select the best delegate in their committee. Since it is planned to organize 14 committees, 14 best delegates of the online MOIC Summits will be awarded with a fully funded trip to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to take part in the International MOIC Summit.


Draft Schedule

8-26 September Call for Application
27 September Announcement of participants
1 October Opening Ceremony and Trainings
5-6 October International and Africa Regional MOIC Summits (Online)
7-8 October Asia and Arab Region MOIC Summits (Online)
8 October Announcement of best delegates
3-7 November International MOIC Summit in TRNC (Physical)